Welcome to the Oregon Council for Behavioral Health

OCBH’s focus is to promote, develop, and maintain the highest quality community programs and services for the treatment of problems related to behavioral health and to promote the recovery of Oregonians with substance use disorder and/or psychiatric disabilities.  

OCBH Spring Webinar Series

Save the Date: April 19th-23rd

4 Learning Track Options:

  • Leadership Track; for C suite staff
  • Human Resources Track; for leadership and HR staff
  • Finance & Legal Track; for CFOs, finance and legal/compliance staff
  • Clinical Track; for clinical staff

Our Partners

OCBH works closely with fellow associations, government divisions, CCOs, and state level decision makers to advance the quality and access of our field on behalf of all Oregonians.

OCBH works to bring top products and vendors to our members at reduced group rates.
Our Preferred Partners include: