Welcome to the Oregon Council for Behavioral Health

OCBH’s focus is to promote, develop, and maintain the highest quality community programs and services for the treatment of problems related to behavioral health and to promote the recovery of Oregonians with substance use disorder and/or psychiatric disabilities.  

OCBH Announces Partnership with CHESS Health

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with CHESS Health.  Through CHESS, OCBH members have access to evidence-based technology and service solutions to support treatment and recovery from Substance Use Disorder (SUD). The CHESS platform and its Connections smartphone app complement the work of treatment providers and recovery coaches – CHESS enables providers to offer 24/7 recovery support without adding workload.

About CHESS Health:

CHESS collaborates with behavioral health providers and the public sector to help individuals with SUD get to treatment and achieve long-lasting recovery.  Through CHESS tools, behavioral health providers can receive referrals and refer to needed services (including those to address SDOH), engage patients, and help prevent relapse.

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