Benefits with Membership

As a member of OCBH you will receive action alerts, budget updates, current research announcements, funding alerts and other timely information that will keep you and your staff current on issues in Oregon and around the country.  

OCBH membership means you are in the know about important issues that affect your business with regular updates on:  

  • Oregon and federal regulatory issues 
  • Federal and state legislation important to substance use disorder treatment providers 
  • Federal and state budget information 
  • Federal and state Medicaid funding and regulations  
  • Contracting issues 
  • News articles relating to behavioral health 
  • Prevention information 
  • Training opportunities 
  • Funding opportunities 

As a member of OCBH you will also receive:   

  • Reduced registration for staff members for the annual OCBH Leadership Conference and Spring Webinar Series.  
  • Weekly newsletter containing local and national updates, funding/training opportunities, and more.
  • Membership to the National Council for Mental Wellbeing.
  • Special discount pricing on those things your agency uses most through professional preferred partnerships including:
  • National representation through OCBH’s partnerships and affiliations, including the National Council for Mental Wellbeing.
  • A forum for collaboration and networking with colleagues in the field. 
  • An opportunity to influence policy in the field through participation in quarterly meetings and committee membership and/or by being elected to the board of directors.

As an OCBH member, you have the opportunity to participate in our various communities of practice, workgroups, and committees which include:

    • HR Community of Practice
    • Mental Health Residential Committee 
    • CFO Community of Practice 
    • SUD Committee 
    • Peer Community of Practice 
    • E&I Committee
    • Mental Health Outpatient Community of Practice
    • Youth SUD Workgroup
    • Connecting with Higher Ed
    • OCBH Policy Committee